Welcome to ICF Tanning!

We are unlike any other tanning salon in Iowa City!  ICF tanning is the only 24/7/365 tanning salon that not only offers a tremendous tanning experience, but is safe and secure with 24 hour surveillance and panic buttons during non-staffed hours.

All Packages include HydroMassage!

HydroMassage is affordable, comfortable, convenient, refreshing and INCLUDED in all tanning packages!

Meet Rhiannon

With over four years working in the tanning industry and extensive knowledge on the best tanning practices, I know what it takes to give you a happy and healthy glow.

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Unlimited Tanning

When we say ICF Tanning offers unlimited tanning, we mean it because we don’t close on holidays, we don’t close early, we don’t force you to come in during peak time and wait for your tan and we don’t make you tan at times inconvenience you.